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driving is not scary
It's Really Not As Bad As You Think.

Our aims and objectives here at next generation is to provide you with the best possible advice
to help you and your child through the learning process and driving exam by teaching safe driving for life.

These following posts will help you remember the lessons and the structure of them lessons. Please recap each lesson as it will help to remind your child what they have learnt and help them prepare for the next lesson.

To help the following characters and symbols have been used

The Teacher

l am here to help and guide You  through your learning

The teacher Will help explain and tell you what you should know by the end of the lesson.  Do look out for this character he really can help.

Our Judge

Our Judge tells you what the law demands.  He wil help and advise you of what the law requires of you.  Get on the wrong side of our Judge and you wlil feel his wrath.

to guide to rules of the road
Our Judge tells you what the law demands

Additional Reading

This information can be found in the Driving manual

Example (D M) chapter 3     Example (HC) Rule 40      Or the Highway Code

There are many other sources where you can get information

Happy Learning


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