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Driving Theory Test

driving theory test

The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) theory test is made up of two parts; a multiple choice test, and a hazard perception test. In order to successfully pass your theory test you must complete both parts in full to be awarded your pass certificate. Upon completion, you are thereby entitled to apply to sit your practical driving test.

Next Generation School of Motoring recommend our pupils book their theory test as soon as possible to ensure this is completed successfully at the first opportunity. Having not passed your theory test prior to booking lessons is not a concern, we believe it should be the first hurdle to get completed.

Part 1: Multiple-Choice

driving theory test

This part of the theory test requires you to choose from a multiple choice selection presented on a computer screen. A practice session is available on request, at the end of the practice session the test will begin.

In order to best prepare for this part of the theory test, practice material and literature is available to our pupils. This includes a selection of documents and an interactive CD-ROM to be studied in great depth both during and outside of the tuition process. Next Generation School of Motoring are able to provide advanced materials to assist you in passing your theory test.

  • Study of Driving Standard Agency Handbook and Literature
  • Interactive CD-ROM can be provided in order to assist the pupil in learning

Part 2: Hazard-Perception

Hazard perception testThe hazard perception part of the theory test is presented as a series of short video clips. These videos will resemble every day road scenes from the United Kingdom, designed to present the viewer with a realistic view from behind the steering wheel.

Throughout these short videos you will be required to identify at least one potential hazard* throughout the short video clip. This is designed to recognise your ability to find hazards and points of attention whilst driving.

In order to prepare for this part of the test, the pupil must first be confident behind the wheel in a typical every day driving scenario. An 'Interactive Internet program can be provided on request from our driving instructors to familiarise the pupil with this test, as many find this to be their downfall when completing the test.

  • A interactive training program can be provided in order to assist the pupil in learning
  • Familiarity and road awareness whilst driving is essential to ensure pass completion

*A potential hazard may result in you having to take some action, such as a change of speed or direction.